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Salt Lake City moving Planning Guide

  • Preparation and Organization is the answer for a seamless transition and now is the
    time to start getting the details of your move.
  • Put sticky notes in each room with instructions on what needs to be done

  • Decide which items you wish to transport to your new Wasatch Front home. If you
    decide to reduce your load of items that you want transported to your new Utah home
    you should either donate them to a Desert Industries or Big Brothers/Sisters or
    consider having a garage sale.
  • Contact a D.I or Big Brothers or Sister  for pick a date at least two weeks before
    moving date. For the garage sale. Advertise the garage sale locally.

  • if you want to pack yourself start collecting moving boxes from hospitals and medical
    facilities; on average their boxes are much stronger and durable. if you plan to have  
    Beehive movers do your packing. You can purchase all these materials from your
    Beehive Movers.

  • If possible. visualize your new Salt lake City home layout and start thinking about
    where you'll place the furniture. Decide prior to when Beehive movers delivers your
    furniture ,where you would like things to go.

  • Plan on taking all important documents, small heirlooms such as wills, stock
    certificates, and other one of kind items

  • Contact the Utah Post Office for the Change of Address form to tell of your move

  • Transfer all utilities,subscriptions to new address
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Here are some tips to help ensure a better move:

• Boxes should not be over 40 lbs.

•Providing plenty of cushioning to absorb shock.

•Using sturdy boxes that close.

•Making sure boxes are firmly packed and do not rattle, bulge outward or bend inward.

•Not mixing items from different rooms in the same carton, when possible.

•Make sure all boxes are clearly marked and what room they go in

(Used boxes lose 50% of their strength after first use)
•Pack heavier items on the bottom lighter on top

•Do not pack anything that is volatile (gas etc).

•Warn movers which boxes have items that can punch or puncture through.

•Use wrapping paper for delicates.

•Remove heavy items from dressers ,clothes are okay

•Remove files from file cabinets(brackets could get damaged)

• Pace yourself

•Put all screws and bolts in a plastic bag and tape it to the item

•All mirrors,glass and lampshade have to be boxed to be transported

•For free boxes , check out your local hospital ,medical supplies generally are the highest
quality of single layered and double layered boxes on the market.

Helpful Hints

•Make sure there is a clear paths for the movers to operate in

•If it is winter ice melt and salt the outside pathways and driveway

•Do not schedule another service during the move (cable, etc)

•Move all cars out of the driveway

•Make sure the kids aren't trying to help us(thanks though)

•Don't have two chiefs giving contradictory instructions

•Turn the AC full blast during the move on hot days.

•Make sure plenty of cold water is available

•Designate a bathroom on long moves

•Moving is not an exact science ,crews have to adjust to a variety of factors-be patient

•Don't water your lawn the day before the move