Movers in Salt Lake City

Beehive Movers is the professional moving standard in Salt Lake City and surrounding Utah
communities, who will deliver exceptional value on a day that can be otherwise very challenging and costly.
Beehive Movers team members excel in delivery, performance and
service. Customer Satisfaction is job No.1
The Right price… The Right People…The Right Move

$80/hour 2-man crew and 28 ft truck
$110/hour 3-man crew and 28 ft truck
$65/hr- 2 movers Load/unload Services

We accept : MasterCard,Visa, American Express

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Note:The law in Utah is such : If you hire someone
and they are unlicensed or do not have Workman’s compensation
you are liable for all medical bills if they are injured on your job,
Generally but not as rule, companies that do not take credit cards
or have no office to go to are unlicensed.